Hello there,

This is a brand-new wedding blog, designed as a place to provide advice, inspiration and ideas for your wedding (as well as an excuse to look at pretty pictures when you should be doing something much more constructive).

I myself am planning my wedding for next spring and have found myself developing a slightly worrying obsession with wedding blogs, and can happy wile away many hours drooling over beautiful pictures of English-country garden inspired wedding shoots, dreaming of  handmade bunting and making endless lists and notes of things that have inspired me.


Something that has caught my attention are the smaller, more intimate weddings. It provides so much more scope for originality, attention to detail, and from the wedding reports I have read, lends itself to a more relaxed and personal day. Therefore, this blog is dedicated to the smaller wedding, however, if you are planning a larger wedding I’m sure you will still find plenty of inspiration here.

So please, do read, comment and get involved. I would love to feature some real-life weddings, simple and elegant, rustic, beautiful, individual, quirky…I’d love to hear about all of them! So please do get in touch (contact details are on the Real Weddings page), and without further ado I shall leave you to explore my small wedding wonderland.




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