A Quick Guide to….. Flowers

Hello all, been a while since I have posted I know..

I’ve been finally kicking things into gear planning my own wedding; given notice to marry, booked the reception, ordered the invitations, drawn up the guestlist, etc. I know I’m probably way behind other April 2013 brides, but hey, progress is progress!

Anyway, one of the things I have yet to have sorted for the wedding are the flowers. And the flowers are what holds my whole theme of the day together. So I thought that I would write a quick guide to bridal flowers for anybody else who might be a bit lost!

Picking your flowers

This is obviously the best bit! Things to bear in mind when choosing flowers are whether they are readily available at the time of the wedding (being harder to source means that they will be much more pricey), how they fit in with the theme of your day (be that colour, shape, etc), price (if you are sticking to a budget), and also how well they will fare during the day (i.e. the hardiness of the flower)

I also love discovering the meanings behind flowers and trying to incorporate ones with specific words meaningful to me in the bouquet. Here is a good list to begin with.

The Bouquet

The next thing to think about is the structure of the bouquet. The main types to choose from are:

The Shower Bouquet – The most traditional of them all, the blooms cascade down and often involve trailing blooms such as ivy, although an unusual alternative I have seen is jasmine, which would smell lovely as well. This is actually my favourite, and great if you want to bring a little Victorian style into your wedding.

The Nosegay Bouquet- A tightly wrapped rounded shape, with a long stems usually bound with ribbon. Flowers were typically chosen for their smell and could include fresh herbs. A good choice if looking to adorn the bouquet with an item such as a borrowed brooch or rosary beads etc.

The Posy Bouquet – Small and tightly bounded, can be in a formal rounded shape or more unstructured. Can be held with one hand. A good choice if the bride does not want her dress to be overwhelmed by the bouquet

The Pomander Bouquet- An arranged ball of flowers hanging from a ribbon worn around the wrist. Usually a choice for the bridesmaids or flower girls but makes an unusual and quirky bouquet for a bride, and adds an element of fun to the bridal look

The Unstructured Bouquet – A popular choice for shabby chic, vintage and festival inspired weddings, the idea is to create a look as if one has just been picking flowers in a meadow to create a ‘wild’, undone look. More freedom to play around with colour, shape and texture

And the rest!

Finally, you can decide on bridesmaid bouquets, buttonholes, table decorations and flowers in your hair (?) to match!

As a final aside, my current ideal bouquet is consisting of a cascade bouquet made up from antique roses, marguerite daisies, sweet peas with trailing ivy, symbolising; gracefulness, loyalty, lasting pleasure, friendship, and an unbreakable and everlasting love. My pictures of inspiration are below:

Would love to see your bouquets, have fun deciding!



5 Ideas to make your day different

The best thing about planning your wedding (yes, even more than trying on lots of lovely dresses!) is being able to personalise your day to make it a reflection of your relationship and your personality as a couple. For example, if you are both into music then you can really go for it and hire an amazing band to entertain in the evening or create the best wedding playlist ever for the reception.

I’ve come up with 5 things that would give your day a little something extra.

Weddings Past

One idea I love is to display photographs of your parent’s, grandparent’s (and as far back as you can go!) wedding days. Old photographs are always lovely to look at, really suit a vintage theme wedding, and incorporate loved ones who have passed into being part of your day. Displayed in mismatched, pretty frames, this is a really easy and effective display to create.

Image Credit: Aphroditenet Wedding

Happily Ever After

If you and your partner are both interested in reading and love books, then a nice idea is to use old second hand books as individual place settings (which could also double up as a favour if you personalised it by writing a message on the inside cover). Again, this works well with a vintage theme, and if you are only having a small wedding then it doesn’t have to work out too expensive.                                  

DIY pinwheel setting from an old book page

Image Credit: Bridal Musings 

Snap Happy

Perhaps you and your husband-to-be are both keen on photography, enjoy posing for the camera, or are looking for a way to entertain your guests and provide mementos of the day. Hiring a photobooth for the day, or even just providing lots of the instant Polaroid cameras, are both great options. Guaranteed to go down a storm with guests, especially if you provide some props to dress up with…

    Image Credits: In the Booth

Here Come the Bride

I think that this is a really cute alternative to giving flower girls petals to scatter. These ‘here comes the bride’ flags are lovely and are guaranteed to produce an ‘aahh’ when they are waved down the aisle by little girls or boys. Just a lovely idea, and a break from the norm.

Image Credits: Etsy

Tree of Love

Last but not least, I had to include this as it is such a gorgeous idea if you are having an outdoor wedding. A couple who had an outdoor ceremony asked each guest to bring a heart with them. The hearts were then pinned to the tree under which they got married. How lovely is that!! Beats signing a wedding book anyday..

Image Credit: Bridal Musings

Hope I’ve inspired you! Until next time…


10 Reasons to Have a Small Wedding


As you may have guessed from the name, small.wedding.wonderland is a blog dedicated to small weddings. I know the idea of having a small wedding doesn’t appeal to everyone and it is easy to get carried away when you start planning, so I am here to offer 10 good reasons why you may decide to consider a more intimate wedding day. Here goes…

  1. Cost: A bit of a no-brainer, fewer guests equals less money spent. It cuts down how much you need to spend on food, drink, transport, bridesmaids dresses…and well, everything! On the other hand, fewer guests means that if you have the money, you can really lavish them with nothing but the best.
  2. You will only spend your day with people that you really want to share it with, rather than feeling pressured to invite almost everyone you have met in your entire life. Plus…
  3. You will be able to talk to everyone properly AND still be able to sneak away at times with your new husband to take everything in, and really enjoy the day
  4. Without having to worry about squeezing in dozens of tables, the choice of venues open to you increases, and you can be much more creative in your selection.
  5. You can really focus on attention to detail with a smaller wedding party, whether it is individualized place settings, invitations or favours. These little touches will make your day so much more memorable.
  6. There is less to organise logistically, i.e. transport, table plans etc, leaving you more time for the enjoyable tasks.
  7. With the chances being that your costs will have shrunk, you can really splurge on the honeymoon if you wish, and make the most of your first few weeks together as husband and wife.
  8. Or why not hold the whole wedding abroad? Destination weddings automatically reduce the size of the wedding party.
  9. Why not go the whole hog and elope? Running away to Gretna Green or grabbing strangers off the street to act as witnesses has always held a kind a romanticism (well, for me at least!)
  10. Lastly, from all the wedding reports that I have read, having fewer guests creates a more relaxed, comfortable atmosphere, and really allows the bride and groom to enjoy their day, which really is what it’s all about in the end.

What do you think? Agree, disagree, let me know.