The most gorgeous collection of shoes

I hate wedding shoes.

It seems to me that shoes which people would never normally dream of wearing suddenly become acceptable on your wedding day. A search for wedding shoes brings up a whole range of hideous pointy toed  kitten heels that I can’t imagine to flatter anyone’s ankles. Needless to say, my search for wedding shoes has thus been fruitless.

Until…I stumbled upon a collection of shoes by Rachel Simpson (and later found out that she is a MASSIVE name in the wedding industry!) and fell in love with pretty much all of them. Shoes that are elegant, flattering, but still have so much exquisite detail on them. I haven’t bought my pair yet, but these are some ones which make my shortlist:







However, never one to miss an opportunity to pounce upon a bargain, I discovered the Rachel Simpson outlet store, where you can buy discontinued shoes and factory seconds at massively reduced prices. Obviously a favourited page for me, visit this link to find a pair for yourself!



Midweek Eye Candy

Hi everyone,

I know that nobody can resist a bit a bridal fashion. For me personally, the wedding dress was not high up on the agenda when it came to planning, and…shock horror, the groom’s outfit is likely to tally up to more than I spent on my dress!

Don’t get me wrong, I love wedding dresses. I love looking at the pictures of them, casting those that are too extravagant into the realms of ‘Big Fat Gypsy Dresses’, and will still try on more dresses even though I have bought mine already, just because.

I am definitely a fan of simple, flowing, elegant and understated dresses. Nothing too big or heavy for me, I want to be able to move during the day and definitely do not want to be bundled into a car where only my head will be visible through acres of underskirts and lace. This is why the new collection by Johanna Heir has really grabbed my attention.

No fuss, simple, elegant and beautiful, and still keeping such an air of romance. Take a look and see what you think.


Eliza. I adore this dress







All images are taken from

I think her dresses are breathtaking. The detail is exquisite but they look so effortless. Gorgeous.